Giuseppe Bonina, Managing Director, Yallo, Zurich

"We've chosen the Markenbureau due to its international competence and specific telco experience. Furthermore, because of their comprehensive yet straight-forward method to build brands based on business strategy. 

Their fast-forward, highly efficient but flexible approach was crucial to help our senior management team develop a powerful and relevant new brand positioning under very tight timelines and budget constraints.

Andreas and his international design team helped Yallo build a position of strength in Switzerland's highly competitive, fast moving mobile telco market. They are a definitely a great asset for every management team in search of a stronger, more engaging and differentiating brand."

Peter Waespi, CEO, EFCO Fixing Technology, Zurich

"We’re just very glad to have chosen Andreas' Markenbureau to revamp Egli Fischer’s brand image and positioning. 
What struck us from the beginning was the Markenbureau's business-oriented, methodical yet efficient approach
to build a brand based on business ambitions

Thanks to Andreas' insightful, passionate and pragmatic guidance, we were able to carve out a powerful and relevant brand positioning that reflects crucial core-competencies and is fully supported by staff & management alike.

We made a tremendous step into the future with a position of strength that fully supports ambitious strategies.
A journey we couldn't have achieved in such time without the Markenbureau international experience and skilful guidance."

Martin Lawless, Creative Director, The Chase / London

"I've known Andreas for years. I worked with him to help evolve his Swiss Cherry Brand. His commitment to his wonderful idea is inspirational. It was a pleasure to work collaboratively with him: he has an instinctive understanding of creative and marketing professional attitudes and knows how to get the best out of a team to get the right answers.

His personal, human approach makes you want to do the best job possible. He has bucket load of positivity, good nature and drive - wrapped around a smart, bright and highly skilled mind."

Peter Corefield, Managing Director, RIAS and Castle Cover at Ageas / London

“Andreas is passionate about brands. His drive and expertise to develop, manage and commercialise brands and propositions on an international stage, combined with his extensive language skills and understanding of the creative process, sets him apart.

Andreas is comfortable to transcend both the corporate world and that of the creative to deliver new perspectives on traditional, tired industries such as financial services. While his charming, thoughtful and collaborative style ensures his voice is heard, he also has a steely determination to get an outstanding result.”

Philippe von Saldern, Head of Intern. Sales, RUAG Technology Group / Zurich

“Working together in a strategic sales and marketing campaign, Andreas had a very pragmatic approach. With his conceptual creativity he was able to lead the international sales team to deliver results of important relevance.

Andreas motivated the non-marketing related team members to reflect their work and opinions towards new methodologies and views on the market. These inputs Andreas translated into an integrated marketing campaign to successfully position and differentiate the group in a highly saturated B2B market.

Stephane Waser, Managing Director, Maurice Lacroix Watches, Bienne

“Andreas is a hard working, intelligent individual I enjoyed working with for the brand repositioning and subsequent
development of a global campaign

His positive attitude, conceptual thinking, intuition for outstanding creative work and experience in team management would be an asset to any organisation, international team wanting to drive their business or brand forward. ”